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Quality Custom Clothing Lines made by Poker Players for Poker Players.

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Mens Tees

Great Poker tee selections for men. 

Coin Flip Rags - Private Label

Check out our great line of Felted clothing products. 



Felted Table Talk, Felted Rags, and Felted Poker supply is our passion.

  • CoinFlip Rags

    CoinFlip Clothing is our private label. As players that care about good quality clothing, it was impossible to find a nice shirt desinged for poker players. So we made our own highend line. Each shirt has a unique name based on a poker hand.

  • Felted Rags

    Like our CoinFlip Rags, Felted is our private label for tees, hats, and hoodies. These are styles you wont find anywhere else. Men and Woman's fashionable Poker Rags are a click away.

  • Felted Table Talk

    Click here to see our TikTok channel. Poker coaching for the new and intermediate players.

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Wall Art

Get this Poker art on your wall. Each collection below has Multiple...