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Car Stickers 15.3CM*9CM Poker Stickers

Car Stickers 15.3CM*9CM Poker Stickers

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instructions and precautions:

 (1) Clean the place where you want to apply the decal completely, and then tear off the white background of the paper.

 (2) Spray water on the body to be glued and on the side of the label (to reduce viscosity and facilitate adjustment).

 (3) In colder weather, it may be necessary to use a blower before and during preheating the cold wall, as this helps activate the adhesive.

 (4) Put it in the right place, put it aside first, use the card to slowly scrape it as glue, and then scrape it (Note: do not stick the whole glue, it is easy to produce bubbles).

 (5) Remove the transfer film after the label is completely dry. It is best not to expose it within 24 hours.

 (6) Sometimes during transportation, the application of tape and stickers may be slightly out of support. If this happens, it needs to be noted that at the same time softening down to avoid bonding, it will not affect its viscosity and effect.


1: There is a sticker on the back, peel and paste. 2: No sticky residue left. It won't damage your car. 3: Vinyl Decal has good elasticity and high temperature resistance. Waterproof and fade resistant. 4: If your car has scratches, you can cover it with this sticker to protect your car. 5: For your car, make it attractive, impressive and show your personality.


Package includes: 1 * car stickers

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